Let There be Light

Like many vintage machine lovers, I love how they run — but not the tiny amount of light they offer and how hot those lights get. So, I though I’d show the difference a few changes make.

Built-In Light Only (LED)


I bought the LED replacement light on Etsy after burning myself the 100th time.

Built-In +LED light strip


This is the kit I used, but there are many on the market. Just measure the length you need the strip to cover for your machine. I covered from just under the head to the side near the stitch length width.


Built-In + LED light strip + Magnetic light


This magnetic light was actually a random item found on Ebay. It does leave a little residue on the finish of the machine. If that will bother you, you might prefer an adhesive system.

CORDS, cords and more cords.

With all these lights, you can have up to 4 cords travelling from your machine to the power. I just send them back to the peg-board and use a clip to hold them. Depending on your setup, you might need to get creative. Just keep them well-clear of the belt.

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