Motor Replacement

One of the many wonderful things about vintage machines is that you can actually work on them. When my motor on my Necchi BU Mira was in trouble, we had two options. We could send it off to get re-built or replace the motor with a commercially available one. As I was in the middle of a project, a replacement was preferred since we could get it faster. So, we replaced the Mira motor with the motor below.  {I say “we”, but I really mean my husband. I don’t mess with electricity or wiring and he is very capable.}

When it arrived, the motor mounts were just a bit too narrow on my Mira. So, my lovely husband manually filed the motor mount holes on the Mira’s mount to accommodate the slightly wider motor. A little soldering and shrink-wrapping of wires and I’m back in business.

From Granger:


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