ShinyHappyWorld – Peekaboo Bears


If you have not visited yet, go right now. Wendy Gratz offers wonderful free and paid applique patterns with instructions for multiple techniques. I used the Peekaboo Bears Pattern ( to make this quilt for a co-worker. I had some help from two co-workers as we elected to use the freezer-paper applique method. I like this method, save for the tons of ironing and burnt fingers. All these fabrics are from my stash and many were sheets (I collect nice medium thread sheets to make quilts).

We made a few deviations from the patterns.

  1. We made the bears of variable heights and made the ears a bit bigger.
  2. The noses were made with black fun-fur/fleece to make a tactile element.
  3. I free-motion quilted each block using a different pattern after the bear’s were appliqued into place, but only quilted through the top and batting. This quilt was quilted on my Necchi BU Mira. {Wendy has a new methods posted using fusible that you’d quilt the block before applique}image-1
  4. Sashing strips. These were cut to 1″ wide and then sewn to adjacent blocks with a 1/4″ seam allowance to create columns. Then, the columns were joined by a 1″ stip. But, check your 1/4″. This quilt was sewn on my vintage Necchi BU Mira, that sews a lovely 1/4″ using the side of the foot. But, if I had sewn this on my Viking 21, I would have cut these to 1.25″, since I use the side of the foot making it a bit wider. Just measure your actual seam allowance and multiply by 4.
  5. Once the sashing strips are applied, you will have a top with batting attached.
  6. I cut the back in the normal manner (spray baste, in my case) and then quilting through all three layers over each sashing strip.
  7. Then, bind as usual.

Go visit Wendy’s website and enjoy her whimsical patterns.

The batting here was 100% cotton (Warm and White) and I quilt using a topstich needle, on my Necchi BU Mira. She’s from the 1940s and a dream to sew and quilt on.






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