Sewing Space

I was incredibly fortunate to buy a Juki Miyabi, which is the new stitch regulated version of the QVP2200. This increases my quilting space from 7.5 inches to 18 inches. If my house ever grows another room, I can put this machine on a frame with little fuss. This was actually a key for me in my decision. I didn’t want to invest over $5k in a machine that was a “dead-end”. With that happy purchase, I had to change my sewing space around.

With my new Miyabi entering my space, I had to move around the room quite a bit. So, this is the new layout. I like to see my fabrics (this is just a portion of them). Solids and some home-dec on the shelves. My batiks are in in the cabinet above the Necchi. My themed fabrics are in the next room. But, it works for me. I can still have my son in the room on my computer and we can co-exist.

Straight Ahead20181019_175556

Miyabi Working Area (notice the bungee hanging system)20181015_094916

Necchi BU Mira Working Area (right side)IMG_20181016_125000_940


To the right of the Necchi is a shelf. Iron on the shelve beyond that. I have an ironing board that I move around.20181008_110703

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