Fast Holiday Gift-Neck Warmers

I made three very long neck warmers to give as gifts. The outsides of these are 100% cotton fabric I had left over from some kid quilts. These should warm up nicely and have the weight and coverage to make a sore neck feel much better. 100% cotton fabric and thread is a must.

  1. Cut 2, WOF x 6″ strips per neck warmer.
  2. Cut one of these strips in half. Using the selveges, fold down a small hem on each of the back pieces. Topstitch.


3) Lay the longer back piece on the front, right sides together. Then, lay the second back piece down so that it overlaps with the first by 3″.

4) Trim the Front to match the back. Write down this measurement (mine was 36.5″ by 6″0.

5) Sew all the way around the piece in a rectangle. Flip right side out.

6) Using the measurements you wrote down, cut two pieces of 100% cotton this size. Fold a small heam at the two short end.

7) Flip right sides out. Iron. Sew two parallel lines along the length of the piece.

8) Fold the piece into thirds. Topstitch down the first 1/3 section. Yellow line.


9) Fill the section on the left 2/3 full of rice. Use pins to hold in place.  Fill the first of two sections on the right 2/3 full of rice. Use pins to hold in place. Topstitch both sections (red lines).


10) Fill the last section on the right 2/3 full. Top stitch.

11) Insert this into the outer.

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